Hookahville 50

A message from ekoostik hookah…

We are so proud to announce Hookahville 50! We’re focusing a lot of energy around improving the fan experience. To highlight the importance of Hookahville 50 we’re bringing in a big stage and roof, and a much larger sound and light system for this show. We’re also working with the venue to drastically expand camping.

We are also focusing on making the VIP experience the best ever, so we’ve added private showers, special viewing areas, priority check-in, early check-in, and a few other perks. You’re gonna love it!

You may notice some of the add-on fees seem a little higher, but we’ve eliminated “companion passes” this time around. Your friends will not have to pay extra to camp with you if you’ve purchased an RV, or Camp By Car add-on. We’re very excited to bring you three nights of music representing the entire history of ekoostik hookah. Besides Friday night’s “The Mullins Years” show, Saturday night’s “ekoostik hookah 2.0 Reunion” show, and Sunday night’s ekoostik hookah show we’ve got a lot of great bands to announce as well, Keep checking back for updates on that!

– Ekoostik Hookah

Tickets are on sale now!

Hookahville 50 is Sponsored by Forefathers Health & Wellness, and Black Dog Reserve.