əkoostik hookah

Playing 4 sets over 2 nights

əkoostik hookah incorporates many genres of music into their own style, from folk to psychedelic rock, bluegrass to blues, extended jams to concise rock-n-roll, ekoostik hookah’s style includes many musical genres for a sound that in the end is distinctly “hookah”. With well over 100 original songs, and a large catalog of cover songs to choose from, you will never hear the same show twice. The band is known for its live shows and its ability to feed off of the crowd’s energy, using it to fuel the improvised set lists that create unforgettable musical experiences.

Keller Williams

Keller returns to Hookahville!

Definition: ADM (Acoustic Dance Music), solo acoustic guitar and voice with every other song walking the line of electronica. If you need a title to file under try electro-hippie acoustic downtempo.

“What kind of definition is that?  It’s the kind of definition that will take you actually going to a show to decide for yourself and put it to your own words.  This element of my life is what I refer to as my day job. Which is essentially me finding new ways to entertain myself on stage in front of an audience.  Using technology and a technique, described by Dr. Didg, as live phrase sampling or looping, I am able to entertain myself for two sets. Nothing is prerecorded and all sounds and beats are created live by layering loops on top of one another and then singing or soloing over top if all if it.

Consider the Source


NYC trio Consider the Source defy easy description. If intergalactic beings of pure energy, after initiation into an order of whirling dervishes, built some kind of pan-dimensional booty-shaking engine, powered by psychedelics and abstract math, it’d probably just sound like a CTS tribute band. Drawing from progressive rock, fusion and jazz, with alien sounds soaked in Indian and Middle Eastern styles, CTS blends disparate parts into a striking, utterly original whole. Dubbed “Sci-Fi Middle Eastern Fusion”, the band’s music strikes a rare balance between cerebral and emotional, intellectual and primal. A relentless touring schedule has won the band a fervent following from California to Israel, with fans ranging from jam-band hippies and jazz cats to corpse-painted headbangers and prog geeks.

Zach Deputy

Zach Deputy is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter based in Savannah, GA and best known for his live looping shows. He describes his style as “island-infused drum n’ bass gospel ninja soul.”

Mike Perkins

Blue Moon Soup

Blue Moon Soup, the acoustic folk quartet from Yellow Springs, Ohio, entrances audiences with an eclectic mix of jam band staples, folk and bluegrass traditional standards, and originals tunes that fuse folk and psychedelia to establish a unique identity in an increasingly homogenized musical landscape. As evidenced by the presence of a fiddle, mandolin, guitar, and upright bass, Blue Moon Soup’s bluegrass and celtic folk roots run deep. On stage, trailside or fireside, Blue Moon Soup’s music brings a sincerity and spirit to the stage that sweeps wallflowers onto the dance floor, and an enthusiasm that engages the audience into the wee hours. After a Blue Moon Soup show, we hope your feet are tired and your ears yearn for more.


No one knows where Wanyama came from. Their existence was first documented in a 1998 National Enquirer article, which reported that an unknown mutation of the human species had been discovered in an abandoned warehouse in the industrial district of Cleveland, Ohio.

Formed in Cleveland Ohio, Wanyama has a goal to separate themselves from other musicians, delivering a unique fusion of styles often accompanied by freestyle improvisations, making each show different from the last.


Progressive and fresh, EGi pushes the boundaries of genre specifics to create a soundscape reflecting the freedom that gives purpose to the acronym’s definition: Ethereal Groove, Incorporated. With a sound that has been described as, “what it would feel like to live in The Never Ending Story”, the band’s versatility and appreciation for many genres of music can be heard in their fusion of rock, funk, instrumental post-rock and hard, progressive rock. Starting from tightly arranged structures, EGi builds improvisational passages and high energy jams that seek to lift the band and audience to a higher plane.

Electric Orange Peel

Sworn enemies of musical sameness, Electric Orange Peel has been hell bent on getting outside of the box since their inception in April 2013. The four-piece has been quickly making a name for themselves across the Midwest.


Subterranean is a fearless jam rock quartet forged from the gritty streets of Dayton, Ohio. Their sound is deeply rooted with infectious grooves, and is elevated by soaring guitar and soulfully seasoned saxophone. Their organic and explorative songwriting style give them an eclectic and accessible sound that is represented on their debut album Loom. 

Thorny Flat Mountain Boys

The Thorny Flat Mountain Boys is band from WV started in 2014 by Gregory Dean Moore and D.W. West to do a mountain,folk,bluegrass,with tradition mixed in.

Dustin McCray Band

Born December 7th 1980, Dustin grew up in the rural community of Ireland, West Virginia.  He started playing guitar around the age of ten and by age fifteen he was performing in public at local music venues.  He’s played in a variety of musical groups and has toured the nation as a lead guitarist and vocalist.  His biggest inspiration has been West Virginia singer/songwriter Mike Morningstar.  It was Mike’s influence that guided him into becoming a solo acoustic performer and to eventually start writing songs.  Dustin makes a cameo appearance in “Mike Morningstar: Here’s To The Working Man”, a documentary film about Mike, produced by Baltimore, Maryland filmmaker Richard Anderson.  He continues to reside in Ireland, West Virginia and maintains a steady live performance schedule.

Matt Petty and the Whiskey Chasers

We are bringing our unique blend of Hill Jack Folk Grass to the Mid-Ohio Valley!