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The Tenants

“Every now and again, a band is formed, seemingly spontaneously, through a process akin to random abiogenesis, sprouting skyward from the sprawling post-industrial rustbelt ooze that is Akron, Ohio, its members half-comprehending the extent to which serendipity and whiskey-soaked chance was responsible for this thing, whatever it is.

Two friends, one, recently-turned landlord (Mike Good, vocals, rhythm guitar) and the other, recently-turned tenant of the house next door (Nathan Sterley, bass) decided one ethanol-tinged day that a Velvet Underground cover band might be something to unleash upon the townsfolk.

Anyway, the Velvet Underground cover thing didn’t last long. Some Stooges got thrown into the mix. Then some Townes Van Zandt. Kinks. Stones. Howlin’ Wolf. Frank Black. Then Mike started ad-libbing songs about vegetarian drummers and a pawn shop chicken foot of dubious powers. Calamine Lotion was dead, and The Tenants kept rollin’ on from that point.

Donald Alan (also another literal tenant of the singer’s for a time and the lead guitarist) got conscripted into the band at a local jam night after what may have been a few too many oat sodas.

On drums, Joe Kidd of Simeon Soul Charger and Gruff at the Buzzer fame is the most recent addition to the band, following the departure of founding member, the original high hat-less badass, Hanger.

The sound might be described as “twangy-folky-bluesy-rock that occasionally gets a little fuzzy.”

The members of The Tenants currently all reside in or right next to Akron, Ohio.