Time Cat

Time Cat formed as a 2-piece rock band in 2011 by guitarist/singer Jeri Sapronetti and drummer Sam Caler after they met at the legendary “Jam Nite” hosted by Sapronetti in their mutual hometown, Akron, Ohio. They went on to record their first full-length album “Your City” and toured across the country multiple times on self-booked tours, having lots of crazy adventures with wild Americans.
Upon returning from a 30-city tour in 2014, luck would bring multi-instrumentalist Colten Huffman on bass, which brought much needed depth to the duo’s raw sound. In late 2018, with no discussion whatsoever, guitarist Donald Alan (The Tenants, Blond Boy Grunt and The Groans) began jamming with the trio adding a new dynamic with incendiary licks and inter-weaving rhythms.
With an ever developing sound, Time Cat has become one of Northeast Ohio’s premier rock bands.